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Why sites like Neocites are important to me

While I wasnt around for the "good ol' days" of the web, I wish I was. And while browsing the web has gotten a bit more enjoyable,
I dont really think the internet has gotten better off. You see the death of personlization. When you go from personal sites and myspace pages, both of which
are ultra customisable, to a social media page, which while the content on it may be different, will look the same as evyones else, it just isn't the same
Even on youtube, there was once a time when you could customize the colors of your channel's page. That is no more. Neocites allows people an easy option to get creative and make something that is truly thier own.(while also promoting the learning of web development ond programing).

random stuff

Lego ccps mech build

lego mech build

There was a piece that went in the gap at the waist, but I had to take it off to get more possability and forogt to put it back for that standing photo :P.
created in a few hours, with the few ccps elemnts I have.




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